«Walking towards the Flow» is a sound parade that creates a procession of sounds in the online space. Anyone can participate. This parade is made by collecting the sounds you sent.

The path of sound flows like the Milky Way through which the stars circulate, always there, whether you are listening to it or not.

The permanence of this eternal parade gives us final consolation. Sometimes we think that we are space debris in infinite orbit, but The moment it is observed, it is no longer loneliness or forgotten, but remembered.

«Walking towards the Flow» will perform offline on November 27 (Sun). In the performance, the sounds gathered on the website can be heard in the physical space, and audiences can walk and stop together to hear the voices of those who empathize with the flow.

We look forward to your interest and participation in the online recruitment and offline performances.

Recruiting sounds
November 13, 2022 (Sun) – November 26, 2022 (Sat)

Live performance
November 27th, 2022 (Sunday) 16:00

Performance Place
Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Branch 1st floor Lobby, 2nd floor Learning Station, Rooftop Garden

Parade Composition
Flock0 promises — Flock1 flags — Flock2 bodies — Flock3 objects — Flock4 someone

Performance Reservation

diana band × Choong-geun Yoon


How to participate

  1. 1. Record the sound for about 30 seconds with a recording device or phone according to the characteristics of the flock.
    1. • Flock1 flags — Speak out five times about what you like or value.
    2. • Flock2 bodies — Record the sound of your body. Applause and whistling.
    3. • Flock3 objects — Find the sound of things around you. Bubble wrap sound, Beads sound.
    4. • Flock4 someone — Collect the sound of others. animal, sound of water, place to take a walk.
  2. 2. Upload the recorded sound file.
  3. 3. After filling out the title and description of the sound, draw the shape of the sound and submit it.
  4. * If you upload a sound source that contains hate speech, it will be deleted.

Sound Submission

  • 1. Sound Type

    • Flock1 flags
    • Flock2 bodies
    • Flock3 objects
    • Flock4 someone
  • 2. Sound File

  • 3. Title

  • 4. Description of the sound

  • 5. Draw an image of the sound

  • 6. Passward

    Passward is 2-digit numbers. It's required if you delete it.